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How is Kratom Taken?

Depending on a person's preference, Kratom can be taken by several means. In Indonesia, Malaysia and Malaysia floristic regions, a fresh Kratom leaf was often chewed after removing the leaves vein. This method was also done with dried leaves but the indigenous people preferred to crush the leaf into a powder and then swallowed. Crushed Kratom leaves were often made into a tea and then ingested as well.

Many decades later, Kratom has made its way around the world and not much has changed regarding how we use Kratom. More often, Kratom is purchased in powdered leaf form which is generally stirred into a small glass of orange juice, coffee or similar. The citrus in the juice is said to help activate the alkaloids in the Kratom leaf powder faster. Others are partial to the "Toss and Wash" method which entails taking a spoon full of Kratom powder, placing it in the mouth and washing it down with water, juice or similar.

Another, more popular, method for taking Kratom is in capsule form. The same powdered leaf is packaged in gelatin or vegetarian capsules for easy consumption. The amount of Kratom consumed as powder would hold true for capsules, so when taking Kratom in capsule form a person would generally take several capsules to equal the Kratom weight in powder.

Some of the newer methods for taking Kratom include forms of Kratom Resin, Kratom Extracts and Kratom Tinctures. There are several methods for creating these versions of Kratom and the final product is a stronger more potent form of the regular Kratom leaf because the process used to create resins, extracts and tinctures results in a concentrated form of Kratom by pulling the active alkaloids from the Kratom leaf and leaving a small amount of concentrated Kratom after removing the left over leaf matter. Kratom extract is generally in a powder form, Kratom resin in generally in a small, dark ball with a consistency similar to taffy, and Kratom tincture is in a glycerin form. Although, each of these can be taken orally, in most cases they are also mixed with water, juice or coffee and then ingested.

As an added note, it has been said that Kratom can be smoked, but based on information from various sources, although many have tried, the results were minimal if any and it is not recommended.

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