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Mitragyna Speciosa, also Known as Kratom is tree native to Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Thailand, the Malaysian Floristic Region and several surrounding regions. The leaf of this tree is typically ground up and ingested orally and used for several medicinal purposes. These include, but are not limited to Pain Relief, Decreased Anxiety, Mood Enhancement, Decreased Hypertension, Decreased Fatigue, Increased Focus, Relief of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Increased Energy and many others.

This leaf has been used for centuries by the indigenous people to these regions for increased energy in low doses, sedation in higher doses, dysentery and pain relief. The leaf was chewed, crushed into a powder and ingested, made into a paste extract or boiled for tea and consumed.

Kratom effects the brains opioid receptors similarly to an opiate, although not classified as an opiate, which is responsible in the successful treatment of chronic pain sufferers. Kratom has been used as an aid for the management of opium withdrawal as well.

Kratom has seen therapeutic use in Thai ethnomedicine as an antidiarrhoeal, as a treatment for opioid dependence, and rarely to increase sexual performance. The general consensus in Thailand among public health officials, academics and policymakers is that the use of Kratom and its dependence causes little to no health risks.

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